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The following article describes how Alert Logic® Log Review™ customers can set up or change where Log Review notifications and monthly reports are delivered in Alert Logic® Log Manager™.

This function was previously performed by the Log Review team. As of November 2016, Log Manager customers are able to set up, add, and change notification policies for Log Review escalations and monthly reports. Learn about the change within the Log Review Contact Information & Notification Preferences | Software Updates Knowledge Base article.


  1. In the Alert Logic console, navigate to the Management page.

  2. In the left navigation area, under Notifications, choose Policies.

  3. Choose Add New.

  4. Under Name/Title, enter a name for the notification policy.

  5. Under Product/Alert Type, scroll to the Log Review subtype and choose either LR: Log Review Escalation Alert or LR: Log Review Monthly Report Alert.

    NOTE: Log Review Escalation Alerts are created by the Log Review team to notify Log Review customers of any abnormal activity detected in daily log checks. Log Review Monthly Report Alerts are created by the Log Review team to give Log Review customers monthly summaries of their Log Review account statistics.

  6. Under Alert Recipients, enter contact names, group names, and/or WebHooks to receive the alerts.

  7. Under Applies To, specify whether the notification policy applies to all customers, child customers, parents customers, and/or your enterprise.

  8. Click Save to save your Log Review notification changes.

Additional Information

Further information on adding Contacts/Groups and setting up WebHooks within Log Manager is available in our Management: Notifications documentation.

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