How can I authenticate against the Cloud Defender API using my API key? | Cloud Defender FAQ

In order to authenticate against the Alert Logic® Cloud Defender™ APIs, you will need to provide your API key, which you can request separately at our Alert Logic ActiveIntegration APIs web page.

The authentication method used is Basic HTTP Authentication. The username is your API key and the password is blank.

An example CURL command is below:

curl -v -H "Accept: application/json" -u 01234abcde01234abcde01234abcde01234abcde:

Note: The URL for the Cloud Defender API varies depending on your data center. For a list of our APIs, refer to our What are the API endpoint URLs for each of the Cloud Defender data centers? | API FAQ article.  

If you receive an HTTP 403 error code, you may need to base64-encode the credentials sent - in red above and to include the colon.

The following resources may help you as you authenticate against the Cloud Defender API:

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