How can I tell if my Windows agent is directed to an appliance or going straight over Port 443 to Alert Logic? | Agent FAQ

To determine whether your Windows agent is directing traffic via Port 443 to Alert Logic or to an appliance to act as a proxy, which forwards traffic to Alert Logic as a single point of egress, run the following command from an administrative command prompt:

C:\"Program Files (x86)"\AlertLogic\agent\al-agent -c

The output will provide a great deal of information, but what is most important for this concern is the ***al_config*** section towards the bottom. The highlighted text in the image below is the "direction" of your agent's traffic.

If your traffic is going to an appliance as a single point of egress, the controller_host will be an IP address of the device it is directed to.

If your traffic is going to Alert Logic, the controller_host will be, as shown in the image above.

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