03/24/17: Agent and Appliance Autoclaim for AWS and Azure | Software Updates


When installing and provisioning an Alert Logic® agent or appliance for Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, customers are no longer required to use a Unique Registration Key to connect to a customer account. This new Autoclaim process provides you with simple automation, eliminating the possibility of misconfiguring your Alert Logic devices and allowing you to begin using Alert Logic services more quickly and easily.

The Autoclaim process can only be used if you have a properly configured cross-account (IAM/RBAC) role in AWS or Azure. In other cases, such as if a customer has multiple Alert Logic accounts or if an agent does not have visibility into cloud metadata, the manual claim process is required.

For details on the configuration requirements needed, refer to our Cloud Defender AWS Cross-Account Role Configuration documentation and our Creating an Azure Environment in Cloud Defender documentation.

Autoclaim Process

The new Autoclaim process consists of the following main steps:

  1. The customer boots up a new appliance or installs a new agent.

  2. If a properly configured cross-account (IAM/RBAC) role exists, the agent or appliance will register with Alert Logic and provision on its own.

  3. The customer can now begin using Alert Logic services.

With this new process, the requirement to manually provide the agent/appliance with the registration key obtained from the Alert Logic user interface or from an Alert Logic employee is eliminated. This new process also eliminates the risk of entering an incorrect key. Instead, the agent or appliance automatically obtains the customer account with which it is associated, without customer intervention.

Note: If you encounter an error during the Autoclaim process, the appliance/agent claim can still be accomplished manually using the Unique Registration Key found in the Alert Logic UI. If you have questions, contact the Alert Logic Support team at

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