Terminate EC2 Instances in AWS Console | How To


This article describes how to terminate an EC2 instance in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console. Terminating an instance may be needed for multiple reasons when subscribed to Alert Logic® services, which include:

  • Avoiding billing for idle EC2 instances.

    If the instance you launched was not in the free usage tier, as soon as your instance starts to boot, you are billed for each hour or partial hour that you keep the instance running, even if the instance is idle. If you no longer need the instance, you can terminate it to prevent additional billing.

  • Switching to new listings for Alert Logic services in AWS Marketplace.

Note: You cannot restart a terminated instance. However, you can launch additional instances of the same AMI.


  1. Find the Alert Logic appliance within the AWS Management Console.

  2. In the navigation pane, click Instances.

  3. Right-click the instance to terminate.

  4. Click Instance State and then click Terminate.

  5. When prompted for confirmation, click Yes, Terminate.

    Amazon EC2 begins terminating the instance. As soon as the instance status changes to shutting down or terminated, you stop incurring charges for that instance. 


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