Change the Region-Based Portal in Cloud Insight | How To


This article describes how to change the region (US or UK) you are logged into when using Alert Logic® Cloud Insight™. Alert Logic maintains a separate European region to allow companies to comply with European data residency laws while being secure.

Changing your region is necessary if you receive the following error message when logging into Cloud Insight: 

“The content for this Cloud Insight account is not accessible via the region-based portal you are using. To access it, please log in through the correct portal.” 

This message displays if the region you are logged into does not match the data center used for the Cloud Insight account you are trying to access, i.e. you are currently logged into the UK region and trying to access a Cloud Insight account that uses the US data center, or vice versa. Use the following procedure to change your region to match the data center for the account.


  1. Sign out of Cloud Insight by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner and selecting Sign Out

  2. You will be presented with the Cloud Insight login prompt. Switch regions by clicking on the US flag or the UK flag in the top right-hand corner as appropriate. 

  3. After switching regions, log into Cloud Insight again and the error message should not display. 
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