Send A WebHook Via An Incident Notification | How To


The following article describes how to send a WebHook via an incident notification using the Alert Logic® console. When you create a WebHook, you have the option to send a test to a server.


  1. At the top of the Alert Logic console, from the drop-down menu, click Management.

  2. In the left navigation area, under Notifications, click WebHooks.

  3. Click Add New.

    You will be presented with the option to Send Test to Server and the following sample payload will be included:

    NOTE: The format of an actual WebHook triggered by an incident notification contains many additional fields and some formatting differences. Refer to this example generated from a real test incident.

  4. Fill in the Name/Title and URL sections of the form.

  5. Click Save to save the WebHook as a contact. You can add this contact to a new or existing Notifications Policy.

For more information on configuring WebHooks, refer to our Set Up WebHooks documentation.

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