What changes does Cloud Insight make to my AWS environment? | AWS FAQ

During the initial launch of Alert Logic® Cloud Insight™, you will create a limited privilege IAM role, which only allows for the changes listed below to be made to your environment. Cloud Insight automatically makes these changes during initial setup of the product and normal execution. These changes include:  

  • Enabling Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudTrail logging if not already enabled
  • Creating an Alert Logic subnet under each virtual private cloud (VPC), internet gateway, route table, security group, SSH private key, network ACL, auto-scaling group, launch configuration, and EC2 instance needed for each customer to run the Alert Logic security services
  • Modifying security groups, network ACLs, and route tables for your defined scope
  • Starting, stopping, modifying, and terminating Alert Logic-specific instances as needed

In the case of a deletion of a Cloud Insight environment, a clean-up process will automatically make the following changes to your environment:

  • Delete Alert Logic instances
  • Delete Alert Logic network ACLs, route tables, auto-scaling groups, and launch configurations
  • Delete empty Alert Logic subnets
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