What should I do to offboard a user? | Management FAQ

To offboard a user from an Alert Logic® product, you will first need to delete or lock the user account for the Alert Logic console that is used by the individual you are offboarding. Find steps on how to lock users in our Lock Users | How To knowledge base article.

When the user account is successfully removed, it will not have automatically removed the user from existing Notification Policies or Notification Contact lists. You will need to manually edit those lists to reflect the personnel change. Find steps on how to manually edit those lists in the Management page of our documentation site.

Lastly, you should communicate to Alert Logic that a personnel change has occurred, as Alert Logic maintains a separate list of escalation contacts that are used in reaching out to customers. Create a ticket with Alert Logic Support through to have the individual marked as “No longer with the company.” Future attempts to contact your organization will no longer include the offboarded individual.

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