06/19/17: CMS Joomla com_fields SWL Injection Information Disclosure | Security Bulletin

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Threat Summary


The Joomla CMS core product code is vulnerable to a SQL injection attack. This enables an attacker to directly send code to the backend SQL server to be executed. This may result in data exfiltration or data being deleted.



  1. A remote unauthenticated attacker makes a request to the server running a vulnerable version of Joomla, with a boolean-based blind or error-based SQL injection in the list[fullordering]=parameter.
  2. The server responds with a 500 internal server error, and the attacker retrieves information about the database.


No prior authentication is needed to create a successful exploit

Vulnerability Description

There is a vulnerability in version 3.7 of the Joomla CMS. It is caused by a component named ‘com_fields’. To exploit this vulnerability, all an attacker must do is add the proper parameters to the URL to inject nested SQL queries into the parameter ‘list[fullordering]=’. The result of this attack could include leaking password hashes and hijacking a logged-in user’s session (the latter results in a full site compromise if an administrator session is stolen).

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Alert Logic Coverage

Alert Logic® has evaluated its customer base for exposure to the exploit and has developed signatures for mitigating the threat depending on the security service in place.

The Network-Based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has been updated with the new signatures for this exploit when detected via Alert Logic Threat Manager™. If this signature is detected, an incident is generated in the Alert Logic console.

In addition, detection of this threat is provided via the AlertLogic ActiveWatch™ for Web Security Manager™ service. Depending on your deployment of Web Security Manager, you will receive an incident (for out-of-band deployment) or the threat will be actively blocked and rejected (for the inline Web Security Manager Premier deployment) if an exploit attempt is observed.

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Recommendations for Mitigation

Check web server access logs for requests to the vulnerable page with a SQL injection in the parameter This will only be effective if the attack is carried out in the URI.

Upgrade to Joomla 3.7.1 to mitigate the vulnerability.

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