Why do I need to tell Alert Logic when I shut down an appliance? | Appliance FAQ

It is very important for Alert Logic® customers to notify Alert Logic Support when they have shut down an appliance that has been connected to an Alert Logic product, regardless of whether the appliance was deployed virtually or in the Cloud.

If an appliance is shut down and Alert Logic is not aware, we may continue to alert you to instances that you know are offline. Further, we will continue to account for an appliance in our backend processing that is no longer active. Having stale appliances and hosts within your Alert Logic environment can impact performance accuracy.

If you are utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) appliances, configuring cross-account roles will help alert us of stale hosts in your environment. Stale appliances configured with cross-account roles will automatically be accounted for by Alert Logic. In this instance, you will still need to notify Alert Logic that your appliance is being shut down so that we can properly deprovision it. Learn how to configure cross-account roles in AWS in our Set Up Alert Logic Cloud Defender AWS Cross-Account Role Access documentation.

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