Export a Saved View to Another User Account in Log Manager | How To


The following article describes how a user can export a Saved View in Alert Logic® Log Manager. Customers can manually export a Saved View from one user account to another, provided both accounts exist under the same Customer ID.


  1. Log in to the user account containing the Saved View that you would like to export.

  2. Select Log Manager from the Alert Logic console main menu.

  3. Click Messages.

  4. Select the Available Saved Views button to reveal a list of existing Saved Views.


  5. Select the name of the view you wish to export and choose Load View.


  6. Select the Edit Query button.


  7. Select Export to see the current JSON query.


  8. Copy and paste the query into a secure place for later use.

  9. If you have multiple views to export, repeat steps 4 through 8 for each view at the same time.

  10. Log out of the current user account and into the new user account. This will need to exist under the same customer with a matching Customer ID.

  11. Select Log Manager from the Alert Logic console main menu.

  12. Click Messages.

  13. Select the Edit Query button.

  14. Paste the output of the saved view from step 8 into the box.

  15. Select Import.


  16. If the import was successful, you will receive the following message: "Your query has been successfully imported."


  17. Select Save View.


  18. Choose an appropriate Save view name, an appropriate group(s), and whether you wish to share the saved view.


  19. Click Create new view.

  20. Repeat steps 13-18 for any additional saved views, referenced from step 9.

Potential Error Messages

You may see any of the following error messages while completing this process. Utilize this information to solve those errors.

  • The query you specified is not valid.

    This means that Log Manager has not been able to parse the JSON you have provided. Make sure you have selected the entire contents of the exported query from the box.

  • Your query does not pass validation "'customer:id' filter expects the id of the currently selected customer as a value.

    This means that you have tried to import a saved view from a different customer account. Ensure that both the old user account and new customer account have the same Customer ID.

  • An internal error occurred while validating your query.

    This can mean that the Message Type you are trying to import is invalid. Please ensure that the entire contents of the box were selected and that you have moved the view from one user account to another in the same customer account, with the same Customer ID.
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