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The following article describes how to remedy the error "Socket initialization failed. Can not reach sensor" that may be encountered in Alert Logic® Threat Manager™. This error can appear when the agent cannot connect to your appliance on port 7777. You would see this error within the Alert Logic user interface under Threat Manager Detection Hosts > in the Status column of the table.



  1. Check to see if other agents on the same network are experiencing the same issue and encountering the same error.

    On the Alert Logic user interface homepage, choose Threat Manager from the drop-down list.

    Under Detection on the left-hand side, choose Protected Hosts.

    Type Hosts in Error state into the farthest left text box and click Apply filters. This will show you only hosts that are in an error state.

    Note whether the hosts in error state are having the same error.

  2. If other agents on the same network are also encountering the error, check that port 7777 on each machine is open outbound. Do this by running a telnet on port 7777 to the private IP address of the appliance.

    NOTE: Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers should check their Security Groups to make sure that port 7777 is opened outbound for proper communication.

  3. Make sure there is no physical firewall stopping the connection. Do this by logging into your firewall and checking that port 7777 is opened to allow proper communication.

  4. If no firewalls are in the way, check each machine's built-in firewall for any potential blockers.

    NOTE: This step is for an on-premise scenario.

If nothing listed in the steps above seems to be the reason for the error, contact Alert Logic Support at

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