08/02/17: Visbot Magento Malware | Security Bulletin

Threat Summary


Visbot is a skimming type of malware which gets installed into existing server code and listens for visitor data which it stores encrypted into an image file on the server. The attacker periodically retrieves the image file that contains the stolen data.



  1. User interacts with shop posting data, credit card details, etc.
  2. Visbot captures these requests, encrypts the data, and saves them in an image file.
  3. Attacker makes a request for the image file/files.
  4. Server returns the image file containing sensitive customer information.


The malware must have become resident on the victim system through some other vector.

Alert Logic Coverage

Alert Logic® has evaluated its customer base for exposure to the exploit and has developed signatures for mitigating the threat depending on the security service in place.

The Network-Based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has been updated with the new signatures for this exploit when detected via Alert Logic Threat Manager™. If this signature is detected, an incident is generated in the Alert Logic console.

Recommendations for Mitigation

Upon discovery of this malware, customers are advised to perform the following actions:

  1. Check the web root for any files that may have been recently modified and for any image files that should not be present in the web application.
  2. Clean and update any files that may have been tampered with.

Patch the Magento instance where possible to avoid re-infection.

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