Does Alert Logic have WebHook functionality? | WebHook FAQ

Alert Logic® Cloud Defender™ does have WebHook functionality for notifications that allows it to integrate with third-party solutions. With the Notifications WebHooks functionality, Cloud Defender can be configured to send notification data (incident notifications, correlation alerts, etc.) in JSON format to a specified HTTP/HTTPS endpoint in your environment. Upon receiving these WebHook requests, you are free to use the data in any way that suits your needs.

NOTE: The current implementation of Cloud Defender WebHooks will not work with a receiving endpoint that is using SSL with self-signed certificates. The functionality is implemented so that only trusted Certificate Authority-signed certificates will be accepted.

Follow this link to watch a video on a WebHook forwarder proof-of-concept.

The following image shows the WebHooks Management page in the Alert Logic console.  

The following image shows the WebHooks page with the option to send a test request to an endpoint.

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