Can Threat Manager scan in Amazon Web Services environments? | Scanning FAQ

Alert Logic® supports internal and external Alert Logic Threat Manager™ vulnerability scanning in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. AWS requires the scanning exemption form be filled out prior to an Alert Logic scan. The scan window can remain open for up to three months.

Consider the following before scanning your AWS environment with Threat Manager:

  • You must complete and comply with the AWS presentation test and scanning exception form.
  • You must spin up the Threat Manager appliance on an instance with four vCPUs or more.
  • You must enable the security groups and VPC ACLs for both the appliance and the target hosts to allow the ports that you wish to scan.
  • Scanning targets cannot be on m1.small, t1.micro, or t2.nano EC2 instance types.

Currently, there are no plans to put Threat Manager through the AWS pre-approval process, as Alert Logic Cloud Insight® is pre-approved for AWS scanning.

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