11/13/17: Metasploit WordPress Asset-Manager Arbitrary File Upload | Security Bulletin

Threat Summary


Versions <=0.2 of the Asset-Manager WordPress plugin allow unauthenticated and arbitrary file uploads via upload.php. Attackers can upload executable PHP files and achieve remote code execution (RCE).



  1. The attacker sends HTTP POST with the arbitrary file. The Asset-Manager plugin stores files in /wp-content/uploads/.
  2. The attacker accesses the uploaded PHP file and achieves RCE.


The attacker can access and upload unauthenticated and arbitrary files.

Alert Logic Coverage

Alert Logic® has evaluated its customer base for exposure to the exploit and has developed signatures for mitigating the threat depending on the security service in place.

The Network-Based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has been updated with the new signatures for this exploit when detected via Alert Logic Threat Manager™. If this signature is detected, an incident is generated in the Alert Logic console.

Recommendations for Mitigation

Update the software to a non-vulnerable version.

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