07/16: Cloud Defender UI | Software Updates

Posted: July 2016


The Alert Logic® Cloud Defender™ user interface was updated on July 7, 2016. This release contains a number of bug fixes and a new feature enabling secondary appliance configuration abilities, specifically within Threat Manager.

Secondary Appliance Functionality

The new secondary appliance functionality can be used by Alert Logic Threat Manager™ customers deploying multiple appliances. Customers are able to designate groups of appliances as primary or secondary as they see fit for their organizations' specific needs, as well as establish appliance priority. Secondary appliance configuration abilities give organizations the flexibility to split up data traffic flows. Threat Manager appliances from the secondary appliance list will be assigned agents only if all primary appliances are exhausted.

With this update, customers are also able to configure auto-scaling deployments. This new feature improves appliance fault tolerance and helps keep role agents from being orphaned.

Moreover, the Alert Logic back end now facilitates appliance assignments to Availability Zones within Amazon Web Services, ensuring that deployments do not generate unnecessary transport charges.

Other Changes

  • My Account sidebar option text "Product Entitlement" was replaced with "Retention Period"
  • In Threat Manager > Policies > Updates > Edits, users are now allowed to edit the frequency of an update to daily, weekly, or monthly
  • In Reports, when a dispute is closed by ASV, a link to the dispute system and a view of the comments is now provided within the text "Click here to view the dispute information"
  • In Reports, when a dispute is failed and closed, the correct text "The dispute has been completed on [date]" now appears
  • Metrics were added for the Rate Incident button within Incident Details
  • In Log Manager, information display issues of Top 10 Users graph were fixed
  • Information icons were added within all Search boxes
  • In ManagementNotification History List issues were fixed
  • Access Key field in Azure Storage Account was changed to password type
  • In Management > Options > Devices > Zones, appliance number display issues were fixed
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