Increasing the Value of Incidents Using the Incident Rating System | Best Practices

To help customers get the most value out of incidents identified by the Alert Logic® ActiveWatch™ service, an incident quality feedback system is available in the Alert Logic console. Using this system, you can rate each incident to indicate whether the incident is accurate, clearly worded, and provides value. Alert Logic uses this information to improve our detection techniques, tools, and analyst training in an effort to provide the best incident quality to our customers. 

To rate an incident, simply access the incident in the Alert Logic console and click Rate This Incident. Using a five-star rating system on the window that displays, you can indicate the usefulness of the incident from one star (not useful) to five stars (very useful).

For ratings of one or two stars, additional questions about the incident display when you click Next, allowing you to provide specific feedback about the incident.

By regularly rating incidents, you can help Alert Logic increase the value of the incidents provided to you.


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