10/16: Log Review Contact Information & Notification Preferences | Software Updates

Published: October 2016


Contact information for Alert Logic® Log Review™ customers is now housed within the Alert Logic Cloud Defender™ user interface (UI). This means that all new and existing customer contacts and notification preferences are now completely managed by the customer within the  UI. Understand how this software update will affect your use of Log Review and the Cloud Defender UI below.

Contact Information

Customers can independently configure Log Review notification contact information within the Cloud Defender UI, rather than contacting Alert Logic to make changes for them. You can configure contact information in Management Notifications Contacts & Groups.

Notification Preferences

Customers have the ability to configure Log Review notification preferences for both daily and monthly reports. You can choose who you would like each report to be sent to directly within the Cloud Defender UI. These Log Review notification preferences are configured in Management Notifications Policies.

Escalation History

All escalations are now housed and visible within Management Notifications History for future reference.

Daily & Monthly Reports

Log Review monthly report emails, originally sent with an attachment to the report, now contain a link to the escalation case within the Cloud Defender UI. From there, customers can download the report. This change allows only users with proper permissions to access the report.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Log Review monthly and daily report emails are now HTML-based rather than text-based. If you have created any automation based on the plain text formats, it is likely that the automation will be negatively impacted. Alert Logic recommends that you create a WebHook to replace the automation. You can learn more about WebHooks within our documentation: Management. To acclimate yourself with the new email format, view an example email template.

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