09/16: Cross Account AWS CloudTrail Support | Software Updates

Published: September 2016


Alert Logic® Cloud Defender™ and Alert Logic Cloud Insight™ now fully support Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers who have deployed centralized CloudTrail logging across multiple AWS accounts.

Cross Account CloudTrail Configuration

AWS customers with multiple AWS environments can now configure their environments and set up cross-account Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles for CloudTrail configuration from within the Cloud Defender and Cloud Insight user interfaces without contacting Alert Logic support. This new functionality allows both fully automated and minimum permission IAM roles to meet necessary standards and requirements.

Alert Logic and AWS best practices recommend that customers have centralized CloudTrail collection when managing multiple AWS accounts. A centralized CloudTrail collection provides the convenience of aggregating CloudTrail logs into a single S3 bucket, as well as a more centralized view of the API activity happening within all managed AWS accounts. This release allows for the full support of CloudTrail customer configuration, and all protected accounts will receive:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Asset modeling
  • Agent lifecycle management
  • Improved appliance communication and optimization.

To take advantage of this new feature within the Cloud Defender UI, select Threat Manager AWS Account Environments. Within the Cloud Insight UI, select Environments.

Further detailed information is available within our documentation: Alert Logic Cloud Defender AWS Cross-Account Role Configuration

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