11/2016: Cloud Insight in AWS Marketplace | Software Updates


The Alert Logic® Cloud Insight™ AWS-native vulnerability and configuration assessment solution is now available for purchase directly through an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace listing. AWS Marketplace has introduced usage-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) billing, which Alert Logic is taking advantage of for Cloud Insight subscribers via AWS Marketplace.

Cloud Insight Subscription & Billing in AWS Marketplace

Cloud Insight subscriptions can now be purchased directly through AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace has introduced usage-based SaaS billing for its vendors. When purchased through AWS Marketplace, Cloud Insight is billed based on usage exclusively, and billing is determined by the number of hosts used per hour.

Pre-existing methods of subscription, which remain available, include purchasing directly online or going through the traditional sales process. With either of these methods, customers can choose billing based on usage or a one-year price commitment.

Additional Information

Utilize the following resources to learn more about Cloud Insight and its availability in AWS Marketplace:

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