Change the Proxy Configuration on an Existing Agent | How To


The following article describes how to change the proxy configuration for the Alert Logic® agent. 

If you change the location of your proxy server or replace your proxy server with a new one, this procedure should be used to verify the agent is pointed to the new proxy server.


For Linux systems:

Run the following command to specify the proxy IP or host:

/etc/init.d/al-agent stop
/etc/init.d/al-agent configure –proxy<PROXYIP/PROXYHOST>
/etc/init.d/al-agent start

For Windows systems:

You must re-install the agent and specify the proxy setting on the AL Agent Setup window during this process. The procedure for installing the agent is available at: Install the agent via the GUI.

When performing the setup on the AL Agent Setup window, perform the following steps to update the proxy setting.

  1. In Proxy Setting, select WinHTTP Default.

    This entry replaces the contents of the field with "1".

  2. In Proxy Setting, enter your proxy IP or host name.

  3. Continue the installation process.

Additional Information

You can find the procedures for installing the Alert Logic agent in the following locations:

Linux instructions: Install the Alert Logic agent for Linux

Windows instructions: Install the Alert Logic agent for Windows

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