Changing the Internal IP Address of a Physical Appliance | Best Practices


When you need to change the internal IP address of a physical appliance, it is best to inform Alert Logic® before making the change to suppress alarms.

The following article describes how to change the IP address of a physical appliance and best practices for keeping Alert Logic informed of the change.

Changing an Internal IP Address

  1. Before making a change to a physical appliance that would result in a period of downtime, inform Alert Logic's Monitoring & Triage team by emailing to create a ticket. Providing prior notice allows Alert Logic to verify that alarms are suppressed.

  2. Amend the internal IP address of the physical appliance using the following procedure: Change the internal IP address for a physical appliance.

  3. Contact the Monitoring & Triage team using the same reference number from the ticket created in step 1 to remove the suppression of any alarms. Alert Logic’s appliance engineers will be able to confirm that the appliance is fully operational and update necessary records.
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