What happens if there are no /28 subnets available in my VPC that I wish to deploy Cloud Insight into?



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    Lindsey Stirneman

    Cloud Insight requires a /28 subnet to operate and attempts to take the next naturally occurring /28 subnet inside of your VPC.

    If there are no available /28 subnets available for Cloud Insight to deploy you will receive the following message:

    "To deploy properly, Cloud Insight needs access to an available CIDR range within the VPC <VPC-ID> in the Region <REGION>. Please reconfigure your environment to allow us access. After you grant us access, we can continue protecting your environment. For more information, read the AWS documentation here."

    You then have the options "maybe later" and "try again".

    At this point, to deploy Alert Logic Cloud Insight, the subnets within the VPC need to be reconfigured to allow a free /28 CIDR range. Once this is completed, Cloud Insight will successfully deploy.

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