How do I input host credentials in Cloud Insight?



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    Lindsey Stirneman

    Host credentials in Cloud Insight can be added individually to each EC2 host, as well as at the Region, VPC, and subnet level. Credentials are inherited in a parent-child style relationship, so credentials added at the Region level are automatically inherited by the VPCs, subnets, and EC2 hosts that fall under it in a hierarchical relationship chart.

    To add credentials, navigate to the "Topology" page and select a Region, VPC, subnet, or EC2 host on the network topology map. An informational box for the selected asset will appear on the right side of the browser window. Select the "lock" icon near the top of the box, then select the type of credential you are inputting. Once you have input the correct information select the "add credential" button.

    Cloud Insight supports Windows, ssh, and ssk+key logins for host level credentialed scanning.

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