In Cloud Insight, can a user/admin see remediation tasks that other users have assigned to themselves?



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    Lindsey Stirneman

    In Cloud Insight, any user (Administrator, Power User, Read Only) can see all the remediation tasks.

    On the remediation page unassigned remediation tasks will bubble to the top, while assigned tasks will be at the bottom.

    For assigned tasks there is an icon indicating which user has the tasks. Clicking on the icon will take you to all the remediation tasks of that user.

    A user's own tasks will be moved to the page "My Plan" and removed from that specific user's "Remediation" page as an indication that this task is being handled.

    Also, once a user assigns a remediation to themselves they are able to see it in their plan, but lose the ability to see it assigned to themselves in the remediations page listing.

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