Can I set up an automated email to send periodically based on a message query?




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    We do have the option of creating a saved view. A reoccurring search based on the log sources and messages collected.

    You can configure these views to run weekly and send emails with a link to the data in the UI as well as in .csv or .pdf format.


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    Chris Mullins

    Hi Ryan - could you give a bit more detail about your use case? Can you tell me which products you own so we can come up with the best way to implement? If you can give additional detail about the source host or application that might help as well.

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    James Nolin

    Please see the following Alert Logic Web Help/ Docs page for additional information: 

    The section regarding scheduling a saved view is near the bottom. 

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    Ryan Bannon

    Thanks guys, I found what you were talking about. And Chris, I was referring to the Log Manager product.

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