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    Guy Duchatelet

    Hi Robert,

    You can find available reports under the Reports - Interactive menu. 

    There you will find different interactive reports that support also multiple ways to export the report and the data. 

    I believe the report that might be relevant for you is under the report group 'Vulnerability reports', which gives a list of all discovered vulnerabilities (this also includes AWS configuration issues). Note the 'Download' option at the top right where you can download the underlying data, or image, or PDF of the report. 

    There are also a few other reports under 'Vulnerability analysis', 'Exposure assessment trends' that might be useful to you. 

    Please let us know if this helps or if you have further questions. 


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    Abby Kincer

    Robert -

    Thanks so much for reaching out! We're working on getting you a quality answer and a Cloud Insight Essentials expert will get back with you as soon as possible.

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    Robert Duenas

    Good Morning Guy,

    Looking at the screenshot we don't have the access to the Vulnerability analysis or reports, to get this report is there a tool or an integration needed in our AWS that needs to get implemented to be able to view these reports ?

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    Guy Duchatelet

    Hi Robert

    That is officially weird. If you have entitlement to Cloud Insight, you should be able to see these additional reports. 

    I'm going to open a ticket for you, as I'll need some sensitive information, and then we'll get this figured out.




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