Ability to schedule reports in crosstab format.



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    Kirsten Flores

    Hi Paul Misner - Thank you for your feedback. I will be passing on your feedback to our Product team for consideration. In the meantime, have you used the functionality to download a report in crosstab format? It is not automatic like the scheduling feature, but nearly all reports can be downloaded in crosstab format using the Download button at the top of the report. 

    Are there any specific reports where you'd find scheduling in crosstab format useful? Anything extra you can share about your use case may be helpful for our Product team. Thank you!

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    Paul Misner

    Thanks Kirsten Flores In general, we are using the current vulnerabilities report to triage patching by servers and severity of vulnerabilities. I pull the report on Monday to obtain the information from the week's scans. I add hyperlinks to NIST so that we can quickly review the vulnerabilities for triage. We also have a delay between patch delivery and vulnerabilities (Microsoft has made necessary not to install them into production without scrutiny.) I create a lookup table that matches the CVE's in the current patch, then filter them out. 

    From here, my counterparts in IT create an action plan on the outstanding vulnerabilities, addressing with individual devices that need patching for multiple issues, or vulnerabilities that appear throughout the network.

    For me, being able to manipulate the data is essential. Your reports look nice, but with our patch delay, they could cause unnecessary concerns if sent to management. 

    I hope this helps. I'd be happy to show you what I'm doing if you're interested.



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