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    Kirsten Flores

    Hi Paul Misner - Thanks for your feedback. Would you mind sharing more about your use case? Are you finding you frequently have questions about that Dashboard and needing to submit a Support ticket? Or perhaps more generally hoping to find a quicker way to submit tickets from the Alert Logic console? Any additional context you are comfortable providing may be helpful to our Product team as they assess requests. 

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    Paul Misner

    I'm primarily in the dashboard when the need for a support ticket arises. One case in particular is when I need to request that a certain type of incident be filtered out, like a login attempt from a known scanner. In general, when I'm working with a feature I need help on, I'll want to look at the documentation, post it to the community, or open a case. Finally, it would be good to have access when I encounter a bug or come up with a feature request.

    In thinking that it would be optimal if both the dashboard and the support system be open at the same time, like with a popup or sidebar. That way we could transfer data as needed from both interfaces.

    Thanks for your assistance. 


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